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General conditions

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1.2 Sending the images and keeping the photograph does not imply the transfer of any reproduction right;

1.3 The billing of one or more images does not provide for the transfer of copyright ownership.

1.4 The right of reproduction cannot be transferred to third parties.

1.5 The unauthorized use of the image (in all its forms) will result in the application of a penalty equal to twice the tariff foreseen for the actual use made of it, except for greater damage to the use from the undue use;

1.6 The user has the duty to mention the author’s name on every type of digital and non-digital publication.

  1. License agreement

2.1 Unauthorized use

This agreement does not provide for any assignment of rights for:

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  • grant licenses, sell, publish or distribute one or more images or part of them;
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  • use images in violation of copyright or privacy laws;

Any unauthorized use of the images constitutes a violation of copyright laws and authorizes the Author to proceed through legal channels.

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